OVHcloud announced its purchase of the MosaiQ quantum computer

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Announcing the acquisition of the MosaiQ quantum computer from French firm Quandela on March 16th, 2023, OVHcloud, the premier European cloud provider, made the announcement. In doing so, OVHcloud is consistent with its mission to expand its quantum computing R&D activities. The MosaiQ computer, driven by a photonic processor, will allow OVHcloud's R&D team to test out a Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) based machine in a variety of scenarios. With this acquisition, OVHcloud hopes to provide a hosted platform for quantum-based computation using different emulators, including as Perceval, a programming framework created by Quandela.

By participating in the France Quantum conference as a founding member and by funding startups in the area, OVHcloud is dedicated to fostering advancements in quantum computing. Companies developing either hardware or software for quantum computers may participate in the Startup Programme to get technical support and credits to help them get off the ground. Buying Quandela's technology is a major step forward and prepares the company for the quantum era. This system will be deployed in the autumn, and it can be easily expanded by adding additional modules, which will greatly increase its processing power.

Given that Quandela was the first European firm to link a quantum computer in a public cloud, OVHcloud's acquisition of the MosaiQ quantum computer signifies a major success for the company. With its modular design, the first MosaiQ computer will provide 2 qubits of processing capability and will be simple to upgrade. When it comes to photonic quantum computing, Quandela is one of the major players, if not the major player, in Europe. It creates complete optical quantum computing systems that can run in the cloud or on a client's own server. The photonic computer programming and simulation software Perceval was launched by Quandela in 2022.

The 1.6 million satisfied clients of OVHcloud are located in more than 140 different countries. The company's 450,000 servers are spread across 33 data centres on four continents. From the conception of its servers and data centres to the coordination of its fiber-optic network, the company has full control over its entire value chain thanks to its integrated business strategy. With this one-of-a-kind strategy, OVHcloud is able to provide comprehensive coverage for all of its clients' needs, allowing them to fully reap the rewards of an eco-friendly model that makes efficient use of resources and has a carbon footprint that rivals the finest in the business.